This is what I am doing after wasting my Golden Seven Years…

After playing myself a dumb person for six or seven years, & completing my graduation in such a course in which I had no interest. As some random relative suggested to me that you can make a good life after finishing this graduation. I learned hard, remember everything that was…

How much you deny the facts will not prove that fact wrong but make that stronger. Accept it or tomorrow, you have to accept this.

Not one or two countries will get to affect but the whole world. The upcoming era of digitalization and robotics will snatch away many people's jobs. This will not only affect the employed people but even, small businesses.

All sectors will affect by automation. Every owner will buy a robot…

Just Words…

Things were complicated,
between us,
Ah, Love, forget about that for now,
I chose my career,
she disagreed.

Accepted, I am selfish, not that much,
but she knew that from the beginning,

She trusted me & I never let her down,
betrayal, she used this word,
give me a chance to explain,

It is more likely Slow Poison which affects your mental state.

Pissed on my failures and thoughts which wanna drive me in alone. It's not rare rather mostly peoples who are reading this could be going through the situation or already been there. You want to left everything behind and just be with you for some time. …

My Words





Shorted out as a student,

Messed up, after graduation.

Vicky Jangra

Mechanical Engineer by Profession, Content writer by Passion. Exchange words @

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